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With debt levels at record highs across the Globe more and more businesses have increasing levels of liabilities. Toxic Debt has led to hundreds of businesses being crippled or unable to operate. Our service provides a lifeline to ailing organizations.

We have been offering Debt Recovery Services for over 8 years in the UK where we are licensed by the UK Office of Fair Trading (OFT) and the past 5 years in the UAE bvi company setup.

As one of the leading Debt Recovery specialists in World our success has been based on our process orientated structured approach which allows us to mediate mutually agreeable resolutions china company formation.

At PBS we study each client’s case on an individual basis and create a recovery strategy based on their specific circumstances. This establishes a structured approach and a set of refined processes for our professionals to execute. It is this commitment that has contributed to PBS becoming one of the leading debt recovery firms in the UK and Middle East hong kong company formation.

PBS has the advantage of utilising the UK parent company jurisdiction which enables more leverage in local and international representation for our clients. Our regulatory framework and active approach has facilitated PBS to represent local government entities, corporates, and individuals.